Education is about the Future – Shaping the Future Summit 2014

Today the Centre Daily Times began a series of editorials to promote our inaugural “Shaping the Future Summit.” My piece is intended to set the tone and build interest and excitement in our upcoming summit. Check out all the exciting events culimatinating with our keynote speaker, Dr. Peter Diamandis:

This year, April 1st is no joke! Come to the Summit!


Education is about the future.

This should be fairly obvious and it often is, especially when we consider the so-called STEM fields: science, technology, engineering and math. My colleagues in these fields are seeking solutions to challenges we face today in an effort to make our future more secure, healthier and equitable. But even those of us who study the past often do so with an eye toward a better understanding of the present and informing the future. Education, however, is far more than research and discovery. It is about forming, guiding and empowering our students. They are the embodiment of our future; they are our future.

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